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Monday, June 17, 2024

ATX GigaXtend HFC Amplifiers Set Reliability Benchmark

Since its introduction, ATX’s GigaXtend GMC Series of 1.2GHz GainMaker-compatible HFC amplifiers has established impressive benchmarks in performance and ease of installation. And now, closing in on 200,000 units shipped, ATX can add reliability to the long list of reasons to future-proof your network with GigaXtend technology.

ATX is proud to reveal that GigaXtend amplifiers recently set a new reliability milestone by achieving a failure rate of less than 0.1 percent !

More than anything else, cable operators dread service disruptions. They need to know that the equipment that lines their outside plants can withstand the harshest conditions, deliver optimal performance and ensure continuous operations. GigaXtend provides that peace of mind – essentially 100 percent  of the time.


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