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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Audinate Launches Dante Studio Software to Boost Video Production Capabilities

Demonstrating its capacity to connect devices, content and creative communities, Audinate has introduced Dante Studio, a platform solution for advancing AV production capabilities and streamlining workflows.  Resident on this platform, apps from Audinate will provide integrators and end-users with professional-grade tools for better, specialised video networks. The first tool on Dante Studio, Dante Video RX, enables Windows PCs to receive video simply and seamlessly from any Dante AV-enabled source.

According to Joshua Rush, Audinate Chief Marketing Officer, today’s introduction is critical phase of building out the Dante AV ecosystem. “Dante Video RX completes the end-to-end video workflow – It complements the growing ecosystem of Dante AV hardware products including cameras, encoders and decoders and allows Dante AV signals to be easily ingested into PC platforms and software applications. Dante Video RX facilitates a wide variety of networked video use cases ranging from the video production and broadcast markets to corporate and higher education.”

Dante Studio comprises an array of software solutions that bring Dante video features to PCs. With Dante Video RX, computers can receive a video signal from Dante AV transmitters or Dante AV cameras on their network. Dante Video RX supports 1080p resolution, 60 frames per second and system timing and synchronization along with separate routing of video and audio elements. Dante Video RX will soon support 4K video. It fits easily into Dante-based environments operating on standard 1Gb ethernet infrastructures.

Easily acquired and deployed, users simply download the Dante Studio installer, activate Dante Video RX trial license, and configure their system using standard Dante Controller software. Dante Video RX runs in the background and facilitates use of high-quality video streams from anywhere on the network. The tool is especially useful for conferencing and educational applications.

Video feeds from a legacy camera may be fed through a Dante AV encoder then patched to Dante Video RX for high-quality conferencing, streaming and recording applications. Dante Video RX can also be used with OBS software or with platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, vMix or Panopto to give a cinematic look to presentations, lectures and lessons.

New tools within Dante Studio including Dante Video TX, a virtual transmitter, and Dante Video Viewer, a virtual monitor, are in development and Audinate expects to release them later this year.

“Dante Studio will be a complete ecosystem of AV network tools that customers can use to build workflows that best address their needs and aspirations. With Dante Studio, Dante AV users graduate from connectivity to signal control to workflow optimisation and creative freedom.” Rush adds.

Dante Video RX is available on a free trial to qualified professionals by simply going to signing up and downloading.


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