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Monday, June 17, 2024

Bambuser Launches Self-Serve Platform for Live Video Shopping

Bambuser recently announced the launch of a Live Video Shopping One-to-Many Starter package, a self-service solution that will enable more businesses to engage shoppers and drive sales using the company’s interactive ecommerce technology.

Featuring the core functionality of Bambuser’s Live Video Shopping One-to-Many platform, the self-service platform was developed in response to surging demand from retailers of all sizes. Requiring no long-term commitments or extensive onboarding processes, the solution is expected to drive a significant increase in new implementations among small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs). To date, Bambuser has seen widespread adoption by larger retailers and global brands including Samsung, Farfetch, adidas and many others.

“We’ve seen an incredible increase in demand for Live Video Shopping since we launched the platform, and now that more businesses are seeing the impact the technology has on customer relationships and sales, what was once niche is becoming entirely mainstream,” said Jesper Funck, Chief Product Officer at Bambuser. “We created this self-service option to enable even more businesses to benefit from interactive ecommerce and shoppable livestreams, and we’re confident that SMBs leveraging the One-to-Many Starter as a part of the e-commerce tech stack will quickly realise its value.”

With the Starter version of Live Video Shopping, any business can quickly and easily incorporate shoppable livestreaming into their ecommerce strategy. To sign up for the solution, businesses need only create an account with a valid credit card for payment. After completing the automated onboarding process, they are immediately able to stream live shopping events from their own domain, providing shoppers with a seamless, high-quality interactive experience. Providing greater interactivity and an increased sense of urgency, these experiences drive higher levels of engagement and longer viewing times while contributing to add to cart click rates that far exceed industry benchmarks. In Q4 2020, the platform saw average viewing times nearly 3x the general three-minute benchmark for e-commerce sites, while average add to cart click rate exceeded 15 percent.

A pioneer in live video streaming since inception in 2007, Bambuser is pursuing an aggressive product development strategy fuelled by the receipt of investment totalling over $100 million since launching Live Video Shopping in late 2019. The company continues to prioritise further development of its technology to ensure the platform remains the most flexible, feature rich and robust available.


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