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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Bitcentral Showcases Innovations for Streaming and Cloud-based Broadcasting

Bitcentral recently announced the debut its latest solutions, Live Guide To-Go and Fusion Hybrid Storage Solution, at NAB.

Live Guide To-Go

Live Guide To-Go is a channel management tool and application SDK for creating an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) in third party applications. Publishers can now build linear TV experiences that augment their current VOD offering using a simple SDK across web, mobile, smart devices and connected TV. The Live Guide To-Go solution empowers them to scale up their distribution to reach new audiences, drive longer average viewing session times, and create new revenue opportunities through advertising.

The solution provides turnkey channel management of digital linear feeds from Bitcentral’s own FUEL platform or leading Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) channel vendors. The Live Guide To-Go SDK and CMS suite were originally developed by, a company recently acquired by Bitcentral, and now form part of Bitcentral’s suite of products for the next era of streaming.

Greg Morrow, General Manager, Streaming Media Group, at Bitcentral said: “Live Guide To-Go provides a highly valuable solution to publishers who are looking to drive consumer engagement and dramatically increase video content volume, without the heavy lifting or cost of building a whole new platform or producing original video content. Bitcentral customers also get the powerful combined benefits of FUEL + to create FAST channels from VOD assets with dynamic automated content assembly capabilities. FUEL + is the most comprehensive ‘manage once distribute many’ platform available today.”

Fusion Hybrid Storage Solution

Fusion modernises the methodologies used to deliver the broadcast content services of its on-premise Oasis solution, including archive, asset management and sharing. Innovating for the next era of broadcast, Fusion has been built from the ground up, in a microservices architecture, to leverage the scaling and cost efficiencies of cloud-based resources, and to provide an availability capability not easily provided in a typical station environment.

Fusion Hybrid Storage Solution (HSS) extends the capabilities of on-premise storage and gives increased scalability and federated access to content for distribution. It adds to the cost efficiencies of scale offered by Bitcentral’s suite of cloud-based services, including its Oasis Central sharing product, and FUEL + content management and distribution platform for OTT.

Fusion HSS feature highlights:

  • Hybrid On-Premise/Cloud-based Solution.
  • Utilizes Bitcentral’s Fusion Hybrid Storage Connector.
  • Leverages Bitcentral’s local Oasis storage, on-prem intelligent cache, and commercially available cloud-based services.
  • Full-service Solution or Connector to customer provided S3 compatible storage.
  • Provides instant access to archived content.
  • Archives high-resolution content, proxies, and metadata
  • Single region with multiple availability zones.
  • Reserved capacity with cost efficiencies at scale on a contract or “Pay as You Go” options.

Sam Peterson, COO, Bitcentral, said: “At Bitcentral we pride ourselves on our dedication to continuous innovation and product development to improve the efficiencies of our customers, and Fusion HSS is a great example of this. It’s been three years in the making and that period coincides with a long absence from NAB Show, so we couldn’t be happier to be returning to Las Vegas this month to debut the solution.”


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