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Bridge Technologies Upgrades ASI Monitoring with VB246

Bridge Technologies has announced the release of its VB246, an ASI input option card for real-time high-density monitoring in remote Head-end, Regional Edge-Multiplexer, Modulator and Transmitter sites. Expanding on the abilities of the existing VB242, the new VB246 module is designed to accomodate customers who require higher ASI density by providing six ASI inputs in parallel. Monitored concurrently and with continuous ETR290 analysis, the VB246 represents an invaluable tool for ensuring the maintenance of optimum broadcast quality and transmission.

In line with Bridge Technologies’ philosophy of continuous improvement and refinement, the VB246 represents a significant leap in ASI monitoring capacity from the original VB242, moving from round-robin, sequential monitoring of six channels to continuous monitoring of the same. This means that in a typical 1RU chassis, two VB246 units could be integrated to achieve monitoring over 13 channels in parallel (with the 13th channel constituting an ASI input from either VB120 or VB220 controllers).

The VB246 also represents an expansion of the standards and functionalities of the original VB242 blade; supporting DVB-ASI according to EN 50083-9 Annex B, Burst mode, Spread mode and Legacy M2S, as well as accommodating both 188-byte and 204-byte packet formats.

The net result is significantly increased performance and stream count for broadcasters who work with high-density ASI transports, allowing for more detailed performance metrics to be tracked on a continuous basis, thus delivering more in-depth, insightful and usable data on network performance.

These metrics can be viewed flexibly, either as part of a wider system via the VBC Controller, as a stand-alone unit using a regular web browser (allowing for fully remote monitoring), or even through a third-party management system. In this way, users are able to integrate monitoring in a manner which best suits their operational workflows.

Speaking of the technological advancements present in the VB246, Simen K. Frostad, Chairman said: “At the core of the Bridge mission statement is the provision of monitoring equipment that makes a tangible difference to the operational success of broadcasting firms. Decreasing Opex and increasing ultimate Quality of Experience for the viewer are paramount, and effective monitoring lies at the heart of this.”

He continued: “The improvements within the VB246 allow broadcasters eyes on continuous data points on their broadcasts, deepening the level of insight they can achieve. But as important is increasing the level of information available is ensuring that this remains meaningful and usable to the organisation – both in-the-moment and on a longer-term strategic basis. It’s our expertise in this field particularly that sets us apart; delivering visually intuitive data to users in real-time.”


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