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Burst Video Releases New Version for its Recorder

BurstVideo recently announced the release of its upgraded [REC]MARKER recorder. The new release incorporates not only a range of technical improvements in relation to channel capture and output format, but also a range of features that allow users to enhance the quality of their ultimate video output, generating more usable, informative and engaging professional-grade media.

In relation to technological specification, [REC]MARKER allows for multiple channels to be recorded (subject to purchase of the ‘Expanded’ version of the REC[MARKER]), with the entry level model capable of running on any machine equipped with an Intel Core i3 (or higher) and onboard GPU. These recordings accommodate inputs of any resolution – including 4K, and multiple recording outputs can be generated using a range of codecs. This allows for on-the-fly scaling, and maximises the efficiency and compatibility of video outputs, allowing for both storage efficiency and ease of playback.

In addition to versatile recording options, the [REC]MARKER also allows for the output video to be customised in a range of ways. Most significantly, markers can be quickly added to footage – either in real-time or during playback, making it easy to refer back to the most important part of the capture. These markers can be manually inserted through the software, through API-integrated app, or through automatic triggers in the form of buttons or sensor thresholds.

Moreover, these markers are much more than a mere time stamp; they are capable of embedding GPIO and DMX commands which allow for immersive playback experiences by triggering external actions – such as lights or effects. As an example, this allows for museum displays to show educational videos that highlight exhibited artefacts as they are explained on screen, theme park exhibitions to trigger animatronic action in time with the video, or for in-store product demos to illuminate products as their specifications are shown on a central display. All of this can be achieved through an easy-to-master GUI with no complex programming.

Users can also overlay footage in real-time with text and graphics and – with purchase of the Expanded version – picture-in-picture (PIP) elements. The addition of titles, labels, explanations and relevant data help to contextualise and enhance on-screen video for audiences, whilst PIP features allow for multiple viewpoints to be combined in a single video – for instance, combining two interview sources, or demonstrating an experiment from multiple angles.

Security is the third area of focus for Burst in distinguishing their professional-grade solution from many of the freeware and licensed options currently on the market.  The ability to output multiple recordings of the same input in different formats to different destinations ensures that footage is never lost, whilst 24/7 recording with adjustable overwrite time frame means that users can ensure that all moments are faithfully caught, whilst still maximising storage efficiency.

With such a deep range of technological and functional features, the REC[MARKER] is ideal for application in a wide range of professional settings – anywhere where the fidelity, quality and usability of recorded data is of the utmost importance. This has included scientific documentation, legal depositions, recruitment interviews, and even Air Force High-G centrifuge pilot observation, to name but a few of the existing users. It has also seen significant uptake in the commercial, entertainment and educational markets, where on-screen video needs to be linked to immersive presentation elements, such as lighting.

Regardless of application, REC[MARKER] offers an effective, flexible and robust solution – one that is easy-to-install, easy-to-use, and highly secure. Moreover, with the Expanded version, Burst are able to apply their 30 years of industry experience to provide customised, user-specific implementations designed to meet the particular needs of individual organisations, whilst full API integrability means that even standard users can adapt the power of the system to their specific workflows and operational processes.

Speaking of the most recent version of the REC[MARKER], CEO of Burst Video Gerrit Bulten said: “The market for video recorders is becoming increasingly competitive, and there are a number of free solutions available. But people using video in a professional capacity have increasingly complex needs and nuanced demands, and for that, more innovative technology is needed. Burst Video has a long history of developing innovative products, and implementing solutions which meet the precise needs of our customers – regardless of context.” Bulten continued: “The [REC]MARKER represents a confluence  of those two things; robust, reliable and easy-to-use technology, loaded with features that meet the business needs of users – providing professional, secure and versatile video that is both cost effective and easy to implement.”

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