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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

C2G Announces New HDMI over Cat Extender Box Transmitter

C2G is ensuring that 4K HDMI source signals reach 4K displays with flawless quality in conference rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, and many other installations where distances are far beyond the length limitations of standard HDMI cabling with the new HDMI over Cat Extender Box Transmitter to Box Receiver – 4K 60Hz. It allows a 4K HDMI source to be extended up to 115 feet for 60Hz 4:4:4 or up to 131 feet at 30Hz 4:4:4 to a 4K display using a single Cat 6/6a ethernet cable.

“As more HDMI installations focus on incorporating sources with up to 4K quality, it’s imperative that signals can traverse the lengthy distances of these installations,” said Jennifer Crotinger, Product Manager at C2G, a brand of Legrand. “Our HDMI over Cat Extender Box Transmitter to Box Receiver – 4K 60Hz has the signal attenuation to cover over 130 feet reliably – without signal loss or degradation.”

C2G’s HDMI over Cat Extender Box Transmitter to Box Receiver – 4K 60Hz can extend 4K at 60Hz (4:4:4) up to 115 feet with Cat 6/6a cable, 4K at 30 Hz (4:4:4) up to 131 feet, or 1080p at 60Hz up to 164 feet with Cat 5e/6/6a cable. This HDMI over Cat Extender is HDCP 2.2-compliant, ensuring that the connection from the source is secure. Multichannel audio formats are supported, including PCM 7.1, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD Master Audio. It supports a one-way IR pass-through from receiver to transmitter. With bidirectional Power over Cable (PoC) support, one power adapter at either transmitter or receiver side can power both units, so no additional power adapter is required, allowing for greater flexibility in installations. The slim profile also makes for easy installation.


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