Sunday, May 26, 2024

Canon Firmware Upgrade for DP-V1830 Pro 4K Display

Canon has announced that the company will make available in early July 2022 a firmware update and a paid version upgrade for its DP-V1830 professional 4K reference display.

In addition to meeting the industry standards for HDR displays, the DP-V1830 18-inch 4K/HDR professional reference display realises improved expression of blacks, as well as a wider colour gamut and angle of view.

The new firmware updates will expand the capabilities for functions such as waveform monitoring for visual signal confirmation and chromaticity diagram, while adding new multi-screen-display functions and output signal switch-out.

By adding functions that enable easier checking of video to the high-image-quality 4K video provided by the DP-V1830, this upgrade helps improve production quality and workflow efficiency in various work settings such as broadcast vans, sub-control rooms at broadcast stations and even on-location sets for film and television recording.


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