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Monday, June 17, 2024

Cinemark Theatres Puts Trust in KenCast

Cinemark has extended its partnership with KenCast, the developer of the leading digital cinema content delivery solution, to ensure the distribution of theatrical content across South and Central America.

By recommitting with KenCast, Cinemark will ensure that the latest feature films, special events, and trailers will continue to be distributed flawlessly, reliably, and cost-effectively to the hundreds of cinemas Cinemark operates in fifteen countries from Guatemala to Argentina.

“Without good alternatives for terrestrial connectivity that are fast and reliable enough to push feature films and live events, satellite content delivery across the region was and is a must – and is getting stronger as more satellites are launched and the technology advances,” said KenCast President Dr. Henrik Axelsson.

Content will be transmitted by KenCast’s headend software and hardware at a teleport, thousands of miles into the sky and then down again, ultimately into KenCast’s CinemaPro appliance in Cinemark’s projection booths.

The application is supported by KenCast’s Fazzt Forward Error Correction technology that applies its many patented algorithms across an entire movie file to correct any and all transmission errors. Fazzt has been developed and perfected for decades so that it can handle any challenge thrown at it, including adverse network conditions (such as rain, sun, electrical storms, etc.), extremely large files (such as movie files), moving transmitters (such as low and medium earth satellites) and more. Together with its Cinema Management software, the operator can manage the end-to-end process, including sending, scheduling, encryption, bandwidth and other delivery services.

As a founding member of the Digital Cinema Distribution Network (DCDC), the first and premier digital cinema network in the world, Cinemark understands through experience the value that the KenCast solution provides theatres.

Commenting on the continued partnership, Cinemark International President Valmir Fernandes said, “KenCast has always been a terrific partner, providing reliable digital cinema technology that allows us to provide moviegoers a truly immersive, cinematic experience.”

“Delivery of large, high value, time sensitive content over satellite is as efficient and affordable today as it’s ever been,” Dr. Axelsson added. “Whether it is for the assured delivery of movies over KenCast’s Fazzt software system or the hardware and technical support we provide, KenCast is a proud partner of Cinemark as it continues to deliver unsurpassed theater experiences to its customers.”

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