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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Cobalt Digital’s New Multi-Path 9905-MPx Product

The Multi-Path 9905-MPx 3G/HD/SD Quad-Path Up/Down/Cross Converter/Frame Sync/Embed/De-Embed Audio Processor is a Cobalt next-generation advanced scaler/frame synchroniser for the openGear platform. The 9905-MPx provides four independent signal paths of UDX / frame sync / audio embedding and de-embedding on a single open-Gear card. The new 9905-MPx represents a new level of openGear packaging density!

Features included on the base model:

  • Flexible AES and MADI embed/de-embed for each path
  • Multi-input RP168 clean switch, manual selection or GPI controlled input selection
  • Up/Down/Cross Conversion with user ARC control
  • 3D-LUT for all paths
  • Independent four-path ANC bridging, including timecode and closed-captioning processing
  • Noise Reduction and Detail Enhancement provide image quality optimisation
  • Remote control/monitoring via Dashboard software, OGCP-9000 remote control panels or Cobalt’s RESTful-based Reflex protocol.

Cobalt’s software-defined solutions are field upgradeable offering maximum flexibility for your application:

  • Color Correction (+COLOR) – Provides full RGB colour corrector.
  • Logo Insertion (+LOGO) – Allows uploading of user logo graphic file to card.
  • Clean & Quiet Switching (+CQS) – Provides automatic audio ramp-down and up during input switching events for noise-free audio between input switches.
  • BBC LUT (+3D-LUT-BBC) – Licensed product developed by the BBC, provides BBC 3D LUTS for SDR-to-HDR and HDR-to-SDR.
  • Audio LTC I/O (+LTC).
  • Software-defined option license that converts card to Quad-Link Input SDM/2SI 4K UDX/Frame Sync model (+2K-TO-4K-9905).
  • Adds Daughter card supporting rear module externally-accessible dual SFP cage/dual MSA SFP cage (-UDX-SFP)/(-UDX-SFP-MSA).

Cobalt’s openGear cards will be available very soon in the new 1RU standalone enclosure.


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