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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Crystal Vision Brings Latest IP/SDI Video Processing Solutions

On Booth C4415 at the 2022 NAB Show Crystal Vision will be showing the latest best-of-breed video processing software apps for its MARBLE media processor hardware, all of which can work with IP, with SDI or with both IP and SDI at the same time. The functionality offered by these apps – which support ST 2022, ST 2110 video and 31 different SDI standards including 1080p – includes chroma keying, linear keying, video delay, profanity delay, colour correction, legalising, picture-in-picture and fail-safe switching. This support for multiple signal formats gives the easiest possible SDI to IP upgrade, while also making the apps perfect for mixed SDI and IP installations as well as fully IP or fully SDI environments. Crystal Vision will also be discussing how the software-based MARBLE platform makes it easy to create custom products to solve problems using SDI or IP video.

Visitors with an interest in virtual production will be able to see the new M-SAFIRE real-time chroma keyer software app – the industry’s first and only IP chroma keyer which can also be used with SDI, or with both IP and SDI simultaneously for hybrid systems. The M-SAFIRE offers Crystal Vision’s best picture quality to date, with a noise-free key as well as numerous tools to optimise the picture including advanced clip processing, colour correction, edge shrink, colour spill processing, lighting compensation and shadow processing. Crystal Vision’s chroma keyers have always been regarded as the easiest to operate and the M-SAFIRE’s two quad split multiviewers facilitate setup by allowing four of the processing stage signals to be viewed simultaneously along with the ability to zoom into any area. The key can be faded up and down, while internal and external masks can be used to force areas of foreground or background – making it easy to linear key a logo or add virtual objects or sports graphics. The M-SAFIRE offers enhanced system timing features, being the company’s first chroma keyer to include reference redundancy, PTP as a timing source and ten frames of delay on the output as well as on the input.

With profanity delays among the company’s most popular products in the US, Crystal Vision will be demonstrating its new M-CLEANIT IP/SDI profanity delay software app, designed to prevent the broadcast of unwanted or offensive video or audio material. The cover options include clean switching to two different video sources or a web page, blurring the video, showing black or blue or colour bars, muting individual audio channels and switching to another audio source. To give the operator time to react, the M-CLEANIT allows an IP or SDI live content stream to be delayed by up to 600 frames, which is 24 seconds in 1080i50, 20 seconds in 1080i59.94, 12 seconds in 720p50/1080p50 and ten seconds in 1080p59.94. With intuitive control from a smart button box, separate reaction controls to event and restore and a fixed multiviewer output allowing the operator to monitor everything that is happening, the M-CLEANIT’s flexibility allows it to be fully customised for any workflow.

With Crystal Vision being the company that people come to when they have specialised processing needs, other MARBLE software apps will be available for demonstration on Booth C4415. These include two keyers designed for IP and SDI channel branding and graphic overlay applications. The M-KEY is a traditional linear keyer, while the M-WEBKEY keyer can key a web page on to a video stream for those seeking to save money along with an easier workflow. The M-PIP is a cost-effective solution for IP or SDI playout applications that need one or two picture-in-picture boxes to be inserted into the main programme. Providing up to 32 seconds of video delay, the multi-channel M-VIVID range can be used to match any short or long system delays in IP, SDI or mixed installations. Its Y stretches make the M-COCO-2 IP/SDI colour corrector and legaliser particularly suited to correcting the contrast on in-shot monitors, with its built-in test pattern generator ensuring an easier workflow. The M-SAFESWITCH-2 IP/SDI fail-safe routing switch is ideal for planned maintenance switches or as a very sophisticated auto changeover switch and can select from ten different fault conditions – including the recently-added audio missing or silent – to automatically trigger a switch.

Booth C4415 will additionally provide the opportunity for Crystal Vision to discuss with visitors how the MARBLE platform can be used to create custom products to solve their specific problems using SDI or IP video. An advantage of MARBLE being a software-based platform is that the functionality from different apps can easily be combined to produce new apps.


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