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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Digigram IQOYA Guest Preview for Remote Audio Streaming

In light of the coronavirus situation, Digigram has decided to accelerate the release of its smart and equipment-free solution for home broadcasting: IQOYA Guest Preview.

IQOYA Guest Preview is a light remote broadcasting solution that does not require any equipment or software installation. It is a simple web-based solution for conducting remote interviews of guests, anywhere they may be.

IQOYA Guest Preview turns their web browser into a 2-way codec. The solution provides a connection link to journalists working remotely. From their PC or smartphone, journalists can get immediately connected with their studio with broadcast-quality audio.
IQOYA Guest Preview requires no app installation, no download or specific settings. Of course, the signature audio quality is embedded as always. It’s simply a smart and reliable alternative to operating from remote locations while respecting lockdown orders.


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