Friday, April 19, 2024

Digital Nirvana Unveil Trance

Digital Nirvana Unveil TranceThe 2019 NAB Show New York, saw Digital Nirvana introduce Trance. This enterprise-level, cloud-based closed captioning tool integrated with automatic speech to text brings significant new efficiencies to closed captioning and subtitle generation.

Three things you need to know about Trance:

  • Features advanced automatic speech-to-text capabilities that enables captioners to receive transcripts in line for further editing.
  • Delivers effortless project management by centralising tasks such as job allocation, caption edits, role assignment, report generation, and status monitoring.
  • Ingest assets directly from PAM/MAM using APIs for caption generation and/or metadata enhancement.

Trance is an initiative from Digital Nirvana to augment productivity gains and cost containment efforts across the functions of closed caption/subtitle generation.


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