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Sunday, July 14, 2024

DoCaption Expands LRBox Ancillary Data Platform Product Line Portfolio

DoCaption has announced it has further updated and expanded its flagship LRBox platform-based product line with a fully integrated, all-in-one subtitle generator and keyer supporting either EBU-Teletext (ETSI EN300706)/OP-42/OP-47/SMPTE ST 2031 or CEA-608/CEA-708 closed caption data sources.

The new all-in-one LRBox open subtitle generator and keyer enables closed caption data to be picked up from within SDI or from direct data input sources like preparation software, caption file playout automation systems, and ASRs.

In addition to the new subtitle generator and keyer, DoCaption also recently added smart, fully integrated, on-the-fly EBU-Teletext/OP-42/OP-47/SMPTE ST 2031 to-or-from CEA-608/CEA-708 closed captioning transcoder devices to its LRBox line. Sources for closed captions can be either encoded captions from within SDI or direct data input from preparation software, caption file playout automation systems, ASRs, etc.

The DoCaption LRBox platform offers a comprehensive series of hardware tools for SDI ancillary data management including, among other features, closed captioning and subtitling. LRBox products are available with modular features tailor-made for the company’s portfolio of closed captioning and subtitling encoders, decoders, transcoders, monitors, and overlays, as well as other ancillary data encoders and extractors for VITC/ATC, SCTE104, or application-specific data.

The LRBox platform includes a program SDI I/O that is bypass relay-protected, as well as a secondary SDI configurable input or output, allowing a combination that supports ancillary data bridging or captioning monitoring with captions overlaid on the video. All LRBox platform-based products feature a zero-frame-delay operation. An Ethernet port and a USB port allow for flexible data exchange, simple configuration access, and in-the-field firmware upgrades.

The LRBox platform is available as a stand-alone, small-form-factor box with optional rack- or shelf-mount brackets either in a single/dual-channel setup in a 19-inch, 1RU rack-mount chassis with internal redundant power supplies; in a high-density 19-inch 3RU rack-mount bracket that supports up to 10 channels; or, for OEMs/VARs, as a single card with a standard PC chassis mounting bracket.

“With this latest update to our renowned LRBox product line, we are able to offer our customers even more complete solutions with the benefit of modular licensing,” said Renaud Desportes, head of marketing and product management at DoCaption. “LRBox users enjoy state-of-the-art closed and open captioning technology and the flexibility to select and configure critical tools in the manner that best suits their operations, all at sensible installation and operational costs.”


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