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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Dragonfruit AI Launches Frontier

Dragonfruit, the most advanced AI Analytics platform, has announced Dragonfruit Frontier, a new Cloud VMS with AI Analytics included. Frontier delivers a fully integrated experience, combining consumer-grade usability with enterprise-grade capability.

“Most traditional VMSs haven’t kept pace with AI advances, and only offer bolt-on solutions for video analytics”, said Amit Kumar, Founder and CEO. “Dragonfruit is the first integrated solution for forward-looking multi-location enterprises, offering everything from video monitoring to advanced AI, all in one package. Finally, the industry can have Silicon Valley smarts without the rip-and-replace demands.”

Frontier is designed for multi-location enterprises that are not able to deploy expensive GPU hardware across all their sites (for On-prem AI), and do not have enough upload bandwidth for Cloud-based AI. Dragonfruit’s patented Split AI (US 11265591) helps scale even advanced AI, like Liquid Spill Detection, to hundreds of such locations while keeping bandwidth requirements low – even at 4G speeds. Pricing starts at just $1,000/location/year.

Frontier works with existing camera infrastructure and provides monitoring, occupancy management and forensic investigations across all geographies from a single pane of glass. Camera partners include Hanwha, Axis and Bosch, with support also included for any ONVIF camera, RTSP feed or Analog camera (with encoders).

Dragonfruit’s industry-leading installation experience – just unbox the Base Station, connect it to Ethernet and Power, and configure remotely from a browser – reduces installation time and cost for large-scale enterprises. The Base Station is built on the Apple M1 platform – another industry first – providing the most advanced OS and the most cost-effective GPU performance.

The Frontier VMS includes advanced features like video walls, access control integration and true real-time alerts (reducing false alarms by 95 percent). Integrated analytics such as the Investigations App provides video search, video summaries, redaction and LPR. The Occupancy App includes counting, heatmaps, occupancy and real-time dashboards. Advanced AI capabilities include Liquid Spill detection, Slip and Fall detection, OSHA compliance and Safety Equipment detection.

Base Station hardware, licenses for 20 cameras, and storage is included in the price that starts at just $1,000/location/year. All additional analytics are available on-demand, so customers only pay for what they need, when they need it.

“We’re excited to partner with Dragonfruit,” said Eric Yunag, VP Technology at Convergint Technologies, one of Dragonfruit’s key integrator partners. “With Frontier, customers benefit from the streamlined integration of a cloud VMS with AI analytics. Integrating flexible computer vision capabilities like slip/fall detection and safety compliance with a video management system fulfils our customers’ need to deploy effective new technology that is easy to use.”

“Throughout my career, I have had the chance to work with many innovative organisations and Dragonfruit AI is one that I am most excited about,” said Tom Meehan, Chief Strategy and Information Security Officer (CSO / CISO), CONTROLTEK USA. “The only petabyte-scale integrated AI video analytics solution available, Dragonfruit AI brings the next generation of video AI with true computer vision analytics and machine learning for retail.”

Ron Cluff, a Multi-Franchise Owner at The Joint Chiropractic and a happy Frontier user notes: “As a franchise owner with multiple locations, being able to centrally manage the video across all my stores from my phone is critical. Dragonfruit provides me that global visibility, without the expensive price tag.”


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