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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Eluvio Content Fabric Major New Release

Content Fabric pioneer, Eluvio, has announced updates to its Eluvio Content Fabric, an open and decentralised, streaming, content distribution, and storage network built for the third generation Internet.

The Fabric delivers live streams with deterministic end-to-end latencies under 3 seconds globally to standard streaming clients (DASH/HLS over HTTP), and provides a complete full-featured media stack to publish, store and deliver premium live streaming, PVOD, and FAST Channel streaming at scale, including personalization, access control, content protection and proof of engagement.

The Content Fabric platform includes the Eluvio Media Wallet, a consumer application and embeddable API for discovering, streaming, owning, and enjoying content directly from its publishers. It is available on web/mobile browsers, and across all major Connected TV platforms, including Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV. The Wallet premiered on Connected TV with Warner Bros.’ release of “The Flash” under a first-ever, personal sell-through ownership window directly to fans. For movies, the master film and all associated bonus footage, extras, and interactive experiences are streamed to fans’ Media Wallets via the Content Fabric.

International release windows are implemented with no separate rights management system via on-chain policies and backed by the Fabric’s end-to-end content security and DRM. Similarly, the Eluvio Media Wallet allows publishers to offer content under any sell through model and window (ownership, subscription pass, or ad supported).

Updates to the Eluvio Content Fabric

Ultra Low Latency, Secure Live Streaming:

  • Ultra low latency live streaming (2-3 seconds globally) with standard HLS and ABR streaming over HTTP;
  • Per session forensic watermarking using Nagra A-B sequences with Just-in-Time transcoding and playout (VoD now; Live upcoming);
  • Completes the Fabric’s per session end-to-end security from source to consumer (encryption, DRM, watermarking);
  • Automatic instant conversion of live streams to VoD with no file copies, configurable by time code or SCTE signal;
  • No legacy CDN or media cloud required;
  • New Live Stream Manager for one-click set up and single pain of glass for operational view of all streams and streaming performance (latency, QoS);
  • Live sports match end-user experience on the browser and connected TV
    VIP access to match streams with “one-click” secured URLs.

Frame Accurate Dynamic Content Stitching in Live and VoD Streams (e.g. FAST):

  • New Dynamic Content Selector and frame accurate just-in-time transcoding of ads and content in live and VoD streams;
  • Fine grained and personalised content insertion into any Fabric stream at scale – no pre-transcoding or latency and a fraction of the cost of cloud stitching;
  • New Controller API signals ad insertion from SCTE markers or on demand;
  • Unlike other solutions, content insertion and streaming is frame accurate and can be personalised at scale.

Fast Streaming Startup for Giant VoD Content Objects:

  • Optimisations in Fabric metadata allow PVOD objects with numerous playout variants (e.g. 10-100 audio languages) in a single object to start streaming instantly.

New Content “Verification Proof” API:

  • Allows Fabric apps to automatically verify the version hash of any content object or offering. In combination with the on chain version history, provides proof of authenticity.

Download of Playable Mezzanine now supports multi-audio Stream Selection.

Universal AI Content Tagging and Search Service:

  • Face detection, logo recognition, automatic scene description with state-of-the-art generative AI;
  • Automatic speech to text transcription (multi-language);
  • Automatic shot level aggregation;
  • Easy extension of the face detection pool;
  • All AI/ML tags saved directly to content object metadata “in place” avoiding expensive ingress/egress;
  • New Fabric Search Service and API to search across configurable content metadata;
  • New Clip-Search UI and API automatically returns matching clips from full length content with no human intervention;
  • Provides storage and monetisation of recorded live stream and deep video archives.

Eluvio is led by Michelle Munson and Serban Simu, founders of Aspera, and a core team of innovators in content centric design, ML, blockchain ledgers, audio/video processing, and programmable media. The company also holds several patents in the areas of content networking, ML, blockchain, and cloud infrastructure.


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