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Etere 30.2 Moves to Microservices Architecture

From Etere version 30.3, there will be a big revolution, moving the product to Microservices software architecture which allows Etere to be easily maintained, tested and deployed independently.

The upgrade allows Etere to deliver software updates and enhancements to its users easily. Microservices is a software architecture style that structures the application as a collection of services. It comes with a host of benefits including easy organisation around business capabilities, very fast deployments and maintenance. In a traditional monolithic system, an application typically shares a common stack with a large, relational database supporting the entire application. In such a scenario, every component of an application, for example, the user interface, business layer and data interface, must share a common stack, data model and database, even if there is a more suitable tool for the task and for certain elements. In contrast, in a microservices model, components are deployed independently so it is possible for a stack of individual services to be optimised for only a particular service. With Mircoservices, it is now easier for Etere developers to make changes on software applications such as Etere ETX-M in an efficient and fast way. In addition, a single point of failure will not affect other aspects of the application.

With Microservices, services can be individually deployed and scaled. Microservices require fewer infrastructure than monolithic applications because they enable precise scaling of only the components that require it instead of scaling the entire application. The benefits of Microservices include very fast, frequent and reliable delivery of large, complex applications. It allows developers to deploy small changes quickly. As a result, it enables companies to have greater flexibility in adopting both technical and functional software enhancements.

Benefits of Microservices Archiecture in Etere:

  • Codes in Microservices can be easily updated.
  • Teams can use different stacks for different components.
  • Better fault isolation, larger applications are unaffected by a single point of failure.
  • Easy to understand and easy to scale as the services are separate.
  • Smaller and faster deployments, with smaller codebases and scope, micro services can be deployed more quickly.

ETX-M Multiviewer is a pioneer batch of Etere software solutions that is based on Microservices Architecture. The solution is one of the industry’s best ultra HD monitors that displays unlimited video sources on a single video display. Etere allows you to mix players of any sizes.

Etere ETX-M Multiviewer delivers cutting-edge features including:

  • Displays unlimited SD, HD and ultra HD sources simultaneously.
  • Lowers operating costs.
  • Real-time previews.
  • Mix players of any sizes.
  • Multi-channel monitoring.
  • In the event of errors such as visualisations and signalling of freeze, black, silence, PID lost, service lost and input lost, detailed reports and error logs can be configured to be automatically sent to email.
  • Real-time email notification alerts, log reports and previews.
  • Comes with Automated Loudness Control which monitors and corrects transmission volume errors as well as prevents excessive audio jumps.
  • H264 and H265 encoding/decoding.
  • Manage IO sources including UDP/RTP/RTSP/RTMP/SDI(require I/O card)/SMPTE 2110(require I/O card).
  • High redundancy and fault-resilient performance.
  • Professional quality multi-signal live preview and recording.
  • Requires only a Windows PC configuration to setup.

Etere ETX-M Multiviewer integrates seamlessly with Etere Ecosystem framework of software solutions to deliver a modern multi-channel monitoring.


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