Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Etere ETX-M Multiviewer Now Multiplied

Watch your feeds, even when you’re offsite with the new Etere ETX-M Multiviewer update. Useful for companies with offsite personnel or multiple offices, this update allows users to view their Multiviewer screens from more than one interface. This allows off site users to receive a Multiviewer feed that is mirrored with the feed back from the main office. This update is offered to all Etere users and is completely free.

With the advancement in new IP software, Etere has optimised its products to accomodate the changes. Now users can use the Etere ETX-M Multiviewer with any IP protocol, including NDI, UDP, RTSP, and even SRT. The flexibility of the IP software allows users to transmit info with minimal hardware, making it the perfect medium to connect offsite screens to those in your office.

The secure NDI and SRT connections make the ETX-M Multiviewer easy to incorporate into your existing networks. The SRT connection is a new addition to Etere’s list of usable IP protocol and serves as a cheap and secure method to transmit your feeds to another monitor with low latency, no matter where that monitor might be.

With the changing landscape in media broadcast, many a time broadcasters find themselves away from their offices on site visits and business trips. With this new update, offsite users are able to still posses a clear, and timely stream of all their broadcasting channels. This mirrored feed keeps them connected with the on going broadcasts in the main office.

The Etere ETX-M Multiviewer lets you view multiple videos, live-feeds, and more, all from the same screen, all at once. Allowing for unlimited feed inputs, the sky is the limit with the powerful Etere ETX-M Multiviewer. No matter your workflow, Etere ETX-M Multiviewer can interoperate, saving space and lowering operating costs.


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