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Monday, June 17, 2024

Etere ETX Supports High Dynamic Range

Etere ETX supports HDR encoding and decoding. High-dynamic-range television (HDR) is a technology that improves the quality of display signals. HDR impact the representation of luminance and colours of videos and images inside the signal. It allows brighter and more detailed highlights, darker and more detailed shadows, and a wide array of more intense colours. In addition, HDR features information about the brightness levels. HDR content is available on major streaming platforms as it provides realism and depth for a more cinematic experience. While 4K televisions are able to display more pixels, HDR offers an enhanced viewing experience with a wide range of colours and brightness levels. Furthermore, HDR provides realism and depth to live events such as sports. HDR technology brings to life the vibrant contrast between the backdrop, the players, the fans and the outdoor scenery.

GPU Encoding/Decoding Using Nvidia Cards

HDR can be used only with GPU encoding/decoding using Nvidia cards. A list of HEVC/H.265-compatible Nvidia Cards that work with Etere is accessible here.


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