Thursday, May 23, 2024

Etere Supports Harmonic VOS 360 Cloud Playout

Etere makes it easy to establish a two-way connection between Etere Ecosystem and a Harmonic VOS 360 Cloud Playout to exchange metadata and files between both platforms.

Etere supports end-to-end connectivity with Harmonic VOS 360 Cloud Playout for live events. Now you can experience flexible interconnectivity between Etere and third-party systems such as Harmonic VOS 360 Cloud Playout for optimised video delivery. Etere features a scalable and open software architecture for a complete software agnostic solution.

With Etere Ecosystem, users can retrieve media contents interchangeably between applications from the same interface without dealing with multiple file transfers. Etere promotes collaborative workflows and empowers its users with a high level of interoperability for any environment.


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