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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Fastly Ignites Developer Innovation on Compute@Edge

Fastly recently announced major enhancements to its Compute@Edge solution, adding new developer tooling and functionality. Customers are now running production traffic on Compute@Edge, including a vast array of innovative use cases like waiting room tokens, dynamic edge personalisation, authentication at the edge, full server-less applications, and more. Compute@Edge’s enhanced tooling empowers developers to architect for unprecedented levels of internet traffic and heightened expectations around digital experiences, while keeping performance, efficiency, and security at the forefront.

“We chose Fastly as our platform because Fastly’s API driven and performance focused products are clearly customer and engineering centric, and seven years later it is exciting to see that dedication sustained with Compute@Edge,” said Pablo Mercado, CTO of Vox Media. “The approach Fastly has taken with their investment in Compute@Edge makes real the promise of server-less, it expands what is possible for our developers to build while also giving us the confidence of rock solid performance and stability. This combined with Fastly’s engineer-to-engineer customer service really sets Fastly apart as a great partner for delivering exceptional digital experiences to our readers and viewers, and to build the Vox Media future with.”

For developers looking to build and execute code closer to their end users, Compute@Edge is a powerful and performant server-less computing environment that runs on Fastly’s globally distributed edge cloud platform. Fastly’s server-less solution provides the benefits of server-less computing without the challenges that typically come with outsourcing infrastructure, allowing for better performance, enhanced visibility, and reduced latency. By building advanced applications and custom logic on the edge, organisations can reduce infrastructure costs and scale instantly.

Compute@Edge prioritises the developer experience within server-less compute environments, and Fastly continues to deliver on this imperative with its newest enhancements, including:

  • Terraform API support: New Terraform support enables developers to treat Fastly infrastructure as code and act as an integrated part of an organisation’s existing tech stack. Through this integration, developers can rapidly program, configure, and provision infrastructure.
  • Command Line Interface (CLI): The Compute@Edge CLI brings to developers a new, streamlined experience to program, build, and deploy applications at scale.
  • Expanded language support: Designed to give developers the ability to program in the languages most familiar to them, Compute@Edge now offers AssemblyScript in beta.
  • Observability at your fingertips: Bolstering the mission-critical visibility developers need in a server-less environment, stats and errors are now available in the user interface and managed via API. This allows developers to integrate observability seamlessly into their workflows.

“Our partnership with Fastly is built upon a mutual commitment to providing high-quality, seamless CI/CD experiences and exceptional tooling for developers,” said Asvin Ramesh, director of technology alliances at HashiCorp. “We’re excited to share that Fastly’s Compute@Edge now integrates with HashiCorp Terraform, enabling large-scale developer empowerment and even more flexibility in managing infrastructure – all in one place.”

“Server-less is the future of application development and the opportunities it presents for innovation are endless,” said CTO of Fastly, Tyler McMullen. “While this technology is still relatively young, there is growing awareness amongst developers and business leaders alike of what a shift to server-less can mean for their ability to accelerate innovation and scale. And as the technology behind Compute@Edge nullifies cold starts and cybersecurity threats other server-less offerings often face, server-less now also means better performance and security. We’re incredibly humbled to see the industry-leading use cases our customers are building for things like low latency live streaming, real-time security authentication, microservice migration, content stitching, and more. This latest progress with Compute@Edge elevates the flexibility and speed engineering teams are relying on to meet the moment.”


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