Thursday, April 18, 2024

Feature Release: Hippotizer V4.7

What’s new?

New additions include REST API: Create custom web-based controls for Hippotizer Media Servers through the new REST interface, the integration with Derivative’s TouchDesigner to Hippotizer Media Servers and our new Mixed Reality workflow.

Feature highlights:


Trigger Timelines and Presets, upload and manage media, and see the status of your Hippotizer Media Servers all from a simple web page or RESTful control system.


Hippotizer harnesses the power of the new TouchEngine API. TouchDesigner is a well-established video creation application that combines market-leading extensibility, interoperability and customisation, enabling designers to create engaging generative and interactive content.

Mixed Reality

New camera tracking features enable creative content mapping based on the point of view of a camera. Mix live and augmented content with our familiar 3D Mapping tools and new mapping features. Ask us about Mixed Reality.

Full features added in 4.7

  • Touch Engine integration now allows users to import Components from Touch Designer for use in Hippotizer. This new Mix type can be utilised to load a Touch Designer Block with full I/O compatibility.
  • Restful API brings web-based control to the Hippotizer software. Utilise the web API to see a comprehensive list of HTML commands or send direct from the web page to control your Hippotizer.
  • Viewport Freeze and Delay allows for per viewport freezing and delaying of the outputs.
  • New Mapping Features allows inputs in SHAPE to be remapped and then reprojected into the 3D space in new creative ways.
  • Camera Tracking brings new and creative ways of mapping content based on the point of view of a camera to SHAPE.
  • Notch Exposable Camera Integration makes it possible to link a Shape object (Projector, TextureMapper) to a Notch Camera.


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