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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

HESP Alliance Demonstrates five HESP-Ready Solutions

The HESP Alliance recently showcased five HESP-ready solutions at NAB Show 2022. These solutions leverage the High-Efficiency Streaming Protocol (“HESP”) and are pioneers in adopting this disruptive protocol. The HESP Alliance demonstrated these solutions during its brand new HESP Alliance Walking Tour at NAB Show 2022.

HESP Alliance members EZDRM, Mainstreaming, Synamedia, THEO Technologies and Videon demonstrated their HESP-ready solutions, covering different components of the video ecosystem, including packaging, CDN, playback and DRM. Participants were introduced to use cases such as fast channel change, secure high efficiency streaming, HESP scaling over a standard CDN and real-time streaming to any audience size. It is the first time that five Alliance members will physically gather in the same venue since its constitution in 2020.

The HESP Alliance aims to accelerate standardisation and large-scale adoption of high efficiency streaming through HESP. Alliance members can license the technology; integrate it into their video packaging and playback solutions; and develop and share HESP extensions to drive further innovation. A verification program for HESP solutions ensures interoperability across packaging, playback and CDN solutions and provides peace of mind for media companies deploying high efficiency streaming services.

HESP can bring sub-second latency live and interactive streaming experiences at scale, ideally suited for use cases such as live sports and betting, e-sports, virtual events, online gaming and e-learning. High efficiency streaming additionally enables operators to bring a leanback TV experience over OTT to their viewers, as HESP can provide for fast channel change, as low as 100ms, in addition to its ultra-low latency capabilities.

“This tour embodies the increasing adoption of HESP. Our members brought five solutions to the prestigious NAB Show to demonstrate that HESP is not just alive and kicking, but also a mature standard,” explains Steven Tielemans, President of the HESP Alliance. “This tour is a great opportunity for everyone to discover the outstanding capabilities of HESP, and to access the shared knowledge base of the HESP Alliance,” concludes Steven.


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