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Monday, June 17, 2024

Incubator Spins Out Aussie Tech Darlings

There’s no doubt that home learning has been disruptive in the past two years, but even more so for those studying STEM learning and needing practical, hands-on solutions for their studies.

Pokit Innovations has designed the world’s smallest wireless multimeter, DSO and logger, a device that is becoming increasingly popular in homes for STEM learning. Even Yale University has adopted this portable, versatile, accurate and affordable device in their education programs.

Heinrich Venter, CEO of Pokit Innovations, says STEM practical courses have been one of the most challenging courses to adapt to a remote learning environment. Thanks to Pokit Innovations, even some of the world’s best universities have found a way to make it work at home.

“Lab equipment has traditionally been costly for individuals to purchase at home,” he says.

“Traditional equipment, like an oscilloscope, can cost over $1000 alone. Now, anyone can access this functionality from home with a Pokit device and the Pokit mobile app.

“Originally, our Pokit devices were designed for the DIY electronics market, but as COVID hit, we saw an uptick in demand from colleges and universities worldwide. Yale purchased a few hundred units and has now included using Pokit devices in their curriculum.”

So, what is Pokit?

Pokit Innovations has two main products.

  • Pokit PRO is a full-featured multimeter, accurately measuring AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, ambient temperature, including checks for continuity and diodes. Pokit PRO’s 600V RMS voltage range extends Pokit’s applications to include higher-voltage household, lighting, automotive and electronics work.

Pokit Pro raised over $1.5 million on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo when it was first released. Today the company is raising funding to scale and accelerate its growth while producing quality, innovative and portable products for the electronic test and measurement industry. 

  • Pokit Meter is the world’s smallest wireless multimeter, digital storage oscilloscope, and logger, all in a single unit. Multiple parameters, such as voltage, current, resistance, and temperature, are measured, displayed, and recorded. The Pokit mobile phone app and its wireless connectivity make it easy to use with mobile phones.

Mr Venter says, “The affordable pricing and phone connectivity sets this device apart from traditional electronic testing equipment, costing up to thousands of dollars.”


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