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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Live CC over ST 2110 with Deltacast’s IP Virtual Card

DELTACAST recently announced another step forward in the deployment of its ST 2110 IP Virtual Card.

VoiceInteraction develops speech processing solutions, producing automatic closed captions in real-time for live broadcasts and other media platforms. With high accuracy and low latency, Audimus.Media is VoiceInteraction’s flagship software for the Broadcast Industry.

Accurate, reliable, and cost-effective captioning – now with live translation on-premises; source video signal encoding to enable clip export with synchronised captions to VOD platforms; HLS playlist creation with WebVTT files to allow stream accessibility in any language, and much more.

While the broadcast industry is accelerating its move to ST 2110, VoiceInteraction was looking for a solution to quickly carry its software from SDI to ST 2110 and reduce the time-to-market.

The DELTACAST IP Virtual Card is a new video and multimedia programming interface allowing the use of third-party computer network cards (NIC) to capture and stream out video. The IP Virtual Card brings in support for video transport as per ST2110-20, audio transport as per ST2110-30, and ancillary data transport as per ST2110-40.

“The fact that the solution can be installed on any machine independent from the NIC card was a key decision factor for us,” explains Renato Cassaca, Chief Software Development Engineer at VoiceInteraction.

The VideoMasterIP SDK provided by DELTACAST makes the integration work easy. The SDK connects the application to the IP Virtual Card through an easy to use API (Application Programming Interface) coming with comprehensive documentation and example source code.

“VoiceInteraction seamlessly integrated the SMPTE ST 2110-30 (PCM audio) and ST 2110-40 (Ancillary data) essences natively supported by VideoMasterIP in Audimus.Media,” explained Olivier Antoine, Product Manager at DELTACAST.

Audimus.Media is now ready for deployment in any IP broadcast infrastructure, independently from the NIC card used.


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