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Thursday, July 25, 2024

LTN Global launches LTN Arc to Deliver Live Event Versioning

LTN Global recently announced the launch of LTN Arc. LTN Arc is a fully-managed production solution that enables media organisations to repurpose and decorate centralised feeds into customised streams for distribution on multiple channels.

Consumer behaviour is changing with a voracious appetite for content across many platforms and mediums. Media companies need to find new ways to supply content to meet overwhelming demand and decrease subscription platform churn. LTN Arc enables large media organisations to achieve greater reach for their live event content by simplifying large-scale digital event versioning to capture dual-revenue streams through tailored solutions.

As a managed service, LTN Arc provides large media companies with extensive catalogs of live event programming access to the breadth of LTN Global’s product portfolio via the company’s award-winning 30,000-square-foot, centralised production facility in Kansas City. LTN Arc leverages LTN’s industry-leading IP video network LTN Transport to acquire feeds from venues around the world and deliver them for processing. LTN Live Video Cloud provides next-level aggregation and normalisation. The dedicated LTN events service team decorates live content with graphics and remote voice talent. At the same time, LTN Connect drives the monetisation of live content through scalable, flawless metadata signalling for advanced advertising and channel customisation workflows.

“Centralising feeds, decorating content, and delivering customised live event streams around the world is mission-critical to reach more customers on more platforms to drive subscription and ad revenue,” said Malik Khan, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of LTN Global. “LTN Arc is an industry-leading production solution that delivers the versioning, customisation, and decoration capabilities media organisations need to open the door to more consumers regardless of geography. Our fully-managed service removes the cost and challenges of investing in proprietary OTT infrastructure while empowering  media companies to harness the power of scalable, flexible, and reliable live event versioning to reach global audiences.”

LTN Arc is a flexible and scalable solution that can be scaled up or down to meet fluctuating demand. The service is also fully customisable and includes versioning services to prepare content for various destinations, watermarking, slating, video insertion, and SCTE insertion. Customers can add announcers or voice-overs in their local language when pursuing a global distribution strategy, along with active video clipping, highlights, and decorated event recording. Another benefit is the 24/7 dedicated technical project management support for all technical and operational issues with the LTN Arc managed service.


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