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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

LYNX Technik’s New Server Module Offers System Approach to yellobriks

LYNX Technik, provider of modular signal processing interfaces, announces its new Server Module for its yellobrik products. The SVR 1000 server module is a companion product to the company’s Rack Controller; model RCT 1012, which is designed to ease the process of controlling, configuring, and updating the popular yellobrik line of throw-down bricks.

With the new SRV 1000 yellobrik server module and the yellobrik rack controller, users can control all yellobriks that are located at different sites from a central location. This enhanced functionality providers facilities with a streamlined interface to control yellobriks centrally, reduces technical onboarding, reduces support time, and ensures centralised yellobrik monitoring, reporting, and other status indicators – for small and large yellobrik systems alike.

The SRV 1000 operates as a central control module for yellobrik installations and applications and is scalable in nature, supporting a single rack to hundreds of racks deployed across many facilities. The control topology is all accessed through the complimentary LYNX Technik software, LynxCentraal application. A single SRV 1000 server module can extend the control of up to 256 Rack Controller yellobriks which in turn can each connect to up to 12 yellobrik modules.

The SRV 1000 is designed to be used with the yellobrik Rack Controller and yellobrik Rack Frame and provides ethernet LAN connectivity to a yellobrik system for enhanced control (remote or local) from several computers (MAC or PC) or third-party applications. It provides remote control, status monitoring and event error reporting for all yellobrik modules in a system.

This new yellobrik is available now.


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