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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Marketron Pitch Now Integrates Social Media Ad Tactics in Digital Campaigns

Marketron has introduced a new social media feature for Pitch, one of the company’s digital advertising platforms. Pitch offers a powerful set of tools and resources for broadcast sales teams to create, execute and manage digital campaigns that maximise their clients’ online advertising reach. Now, Pitch makes it easy and seamless to build proposals integrating Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger ads into the overall blend of third-party digital tactics based on advertisers’ campaign objectives.

By 2023, social media users in the U.S. are expected to top 250 million. Roughly two-thirds of U.S. adults report that they are Facebook users, and a large majority of Instagram users say they have made purchases as a result of social media advertising.

“Clearly, social media offers tremendous opportunities for our radio customers and their advertisers to reach engaged and highly targeted audiences – but working directly with social platforms to purchase ads can be complicated, time-consuming and counterproductive,” said Jimshade Chaudhari, Senior Vice President of Product at Marketron. “Adding social to the third-party digital tactics in Pitch is the latest example of how we are constantly evolving our products based on customers’ needs. By removing these complexities, it is easier than ever for radio stations to create, deliver and manage highly integrated and customised digital ad campaigns.”

With the new Pitch social tactic, sales teams are able to include Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger ads in a fully integrated campaign alongside other digital elements such as display and video ads, geofencing, connected TV/OTT and search engine marketing. Campaigns can be tailored with the right mix of tactics to optimise the advertiser’s reach, website traffic, video views and other campaign goals. As a platform, Pitch automates campaign proposals, builds, launches and management into a single user interface and offers transparent reporting tools and insights dashboards that save time, increase advertiser confidence and monitor campaign performance.

The new social tactic is now available for all Marketron Pitch customers.


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