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Nautel Brings Transmission, Distribution and Power Saving to IBC

IBC will see Nautel (Stand 8-D70) highlight its VX Series transmitters which are now available with 150 W – 2 kW systems shipping from stock. Higher power systems with outputs up to 6 kW will begin shipping shortly. Since its introduction, the VX Series has been recognised with multiple awards at major broadcast trade shows. Nautel reports enthusiastic customer response to the new transmitters and strong initial orders.

Building on the legacy of the company’s proven VS Series, the new analogue VX Series offers advanced control, instrumentation, and features in a compact footprint. The architecture of the new Series incorporates state-of-the-art DSP, power supply, and FET technology to ensure robust performance, serviceability, and value. Additional advances in Nautel transmitter engineering include an updated RF power chain utilising a new high voltage FET with superior analogue FM performance; the power chain has been mated with a dual core DSP for ultra-clean signal generation. Nautel also adopted Titanium-grade industrial power supplies, which are hot-swappable with easy front panel access.

Control of the VX Series is accomplished via Nautel’s new HTML5 Advanced User Interface (AUI), which itself has been the result of a complete re-design over the past few years.

The VX Series offers multiple features, including:

  • A choice of 11 TPO levels ranging from 150 W to 6 kW
  • High AC-RF efficiency
  • Compact rack-mount design, only 20” to 25” depths
  • Large, easy-to-view colour display
  • Easy access to FETs, fans, and filters for quick serviceability
  • Powerful, secure HTML5 AUI
  • Instrumentation, RDS, SNMP, and Presets normally seen only in high power transmitters
  • Optional Orban Inside audio processing
  • 4-year warranty

DRM, DAB+, HD Radio and Audio Distribution Solutions

Nautel will show the latest technologies for digital broadcasting and audio distribution at IBC, including DAB+ and DRM multiplexers, content servers/modulators, DRM and HD Radio-capable transmitters, and FM synchronising options.

Solutions on display will showcase a sample of Nautel’s extensive digital transmission offerings with output power ranging from 3.5 kW to 88 kW for FM and 3 kW to 2000 kW for MW; content servers from Digidia are available for both DRM30 and DRM+, which can distribute audio to a network of transmitters or for implementation of a synchronous FM deployment.

N+1 and Main/Standby Control For Transmitters

Nautel, in partnership with Davicom, has introduced an SNMP-based system controller for Nautel transmitters. The new SC4 controller offers real-time status and changeover control for GV, NVLT, NX, VS, and VX Series transmitters. Pre-configured for Nautel transmitters, the SC4 has an HTML5 user interface with access via Ethernet.

The SC4 is the latest in Main/Standby solutions offered by Nautel. “We design redundancy and reliability in all of our transmitters to ensure that our users stay on the air,” said John Whyte, Nautel Head of Marketing and Product Strategy. “But since many stations prefer to have a backup transmitter for additional peace of mind, these controllers make switchover automatic and easily controlled.”

Visit nautel.com/sc4controller.

Power-Saving MDCL Capability

Nautel and leading audio processing manufacturer Orban have announced significant power savings for MW stations running MDCL. Tests conducted by the two companies have repeatedly demonstrated that broadcasters operating -6 AMC MDCL can save up to 70% in power costs over non-MDCL operation. Nautel has provided MDCL algorithms for its transmitters since 2011, and use of the algorithms in the highly efficient NX Series transmitters has shown strong benefits for broadcasters. MDCL is incorporated at no charge in all NX Series products.

Because the AMC algorithm depends on modulation density for power savings, audio processing becomes an important aspect of operation. Orban’s XPN-AM processor, first introduced in 2019, has proven a strong partner for Nautel’s NX Series in achieving maximum modulation density. “We conducted a number of field tests in partnership with Nautel starting in 2019,” said Orban’s Mike Pappas. “The results were astonishing. Not only was MDCL able to suppress the carrier longer to reduce power consumption, coverage area actually increased and listeners reported improvement in audio quality as well as signal strength. Users can save enough money on power to pay for their transmitter and processor investment in just a few years.”

Nautel offers a Power Savings Calculator which provides instant information on potential power savings; the calculator is available online at nautel.com/nxsavings.

Visit www.nautel.com

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