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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

New KVM Dimension – Scalableline – Flexible KVM System Architecture

Classic, rigid KVM systems were yesterday – the KVM systems of the future require flexibility with regard to the number and size of the sources to be displayed. The new kvm-tec ScalableLine fulfills all of this: up to 16 sources in 4K and Full HD can be freely scaled, displayed on a 4K monitor and operated with just one mouse and keyboard. But that’s not all – with many other flexible features, the kvm-tec ScalableLine takes you into a new dimension in the KVM world.

The new kvm-tec ScalableLine with its now orange turbo boxes, not only brings fresh colour into the rack, but also takes the KVM user into a completely new KVM dimension. With this completely flexible KVM system, 4K and Full HD sources can be combined and up to 16 sources can be displayed and flexibly scaled on a 4K monitor. To control these 16 sources, the user only needs one mouse and one keyboard. The Scalableline is a Displayport 1.2 Extender over IP, which is available as a fibre version with a range of 300m and a resolution of 4096×2160 @ 60Hz (5K 5120×1440) with a perfect colour coding of 4: 4: 4 @ 8-bit per colour.

The optimised kvm-tec video compression with a low latency of 0.47ms guarantees a delay-free transmission of the signals. USB and video are transmitted over one cable. The in-house developed USB technology gives the USB devices a great deal of flexibility. In addition, the ScalableLine offers RS232 and sound embedded/sound analog.

The kvm-tec Scalableline enables video wall functions at an excellent price. The orange turbo boxes bring even more highlights and make for a flexible KVM system architecture really possible: Cut it out, Picture in Picture, Move, Zoom and Work and the option of combining four monitors to a video wall. The intelligent software kvm-tec Switching Manager is included and enables comfortable management and intuitive operation of the KVM extenders in the switching system.

Full HD and 4K ScalableLine

For Full HD sources, MAXflex dual local with Scalable Remote Unit becomes an ultra-flexible ScalableLine and for 4K applications, Scalable Local is combined with Scalable Remote. Flexible – more flexible – most flexible, Full HD and 4K can be freely combined with each other in the ScalableLine system.

16 Sources

In the flexible KVM Scalable System, up to 16 sources can be displayed, freely scaled and operated on a 4K monitor. Any sources can be assigned via the user interface

  • Move it! – Pictures can be freely arranged and also moved over two monitors.
  • Cut it Out – Parts of a pictures can be cut out and shown separately.
  • Picture in Picture – Picture in Picture and also Overlapping is possible with the new ScalableLine

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