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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Norigin Media Launches CTV White-label FAST Apps

Scandinavian streaming TV UI/UX specialist company Norigin Media announces their brandable Connected TV product for Linear or FAST TV channels. The White-label solution is offered to content owners who want to effortlessly launch direct-to-consumer (D2C) applications across platforms including Samsung Tizen, LG webOS, and other Android TV OS based Smart TVs.

The newly designed White-label CTV Apps will enable FAST or Linear TV channel providers to launch their D2C apps directly on the App Stores of leading device manufacturers. Consumers will be able to access content within a single brandable and turnkey application across a range of Smart TVs. The solution’s ready-made plug-ins also support integrations towards leading ad-servers to maximise ad-revenue. Traditional Linear TV providers will also benefit from using this product from Norigin Media to launch services specifically targeting growing CTV audiences.

The React.js-based (a modern web technology) TV app will feature a new and privately researched UI/UX that is intended to enhance consumer viewing experiences. The Live TV Player UI will showcase an innovative metadata-rich channel zapping feature, and the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) will facilitate smooth navigation for consumers looking to discover content across channels. The entire application is brandable with the ability to change colours, logos, and icons, while offering custom integrations for authentication and video playback formats, as well as a multitude of ad-server integrations including Google Ad Manager, Freewheel, Invidi and others.

Ajey Anand, CEO of Norigin Media says, “We have plenty of experience launching custom designed streaming OTT apps for Broadcasters. It is timely for us to tap into the growing trends of Linear TV streaming and FAST channels on Connected TVs, bringing content owners onto a range of new CTV devices.”

He adds, “Niche content owners can create new ways for consumers to discover their content which will maximise ROI.”


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