Thursday, May 23, 2024

Osprey Video UHD Decoder Now Shipping

Paired with the Osprey Video 4K and UHD Encoders the UHD Decoders enable low latency end to end transport of secure UHD video over IP Networks.

Popular Workflows


Customer can send a secure point to point stream between a Talon 4K Encoder and Talon UHD Decoder in H265/H264 with multiple audio channels and metadata via SMPTE-2038. In this scenario the customer will be able to deliver not only the video but multiple audio channels and the metadata with things such as KLV, Captioning, timecode, etc.


Over the shoulder workflows Ingesting from an HDMI or SDI source to a Talon 4K Encoder then delivering SRT into Media Composer. Media Composer will reliably deliver an SRT feed to the Talon UHD Decoders to enable review on the go, instantaneously for faster production

Multicast UDP

Perfect for delivering to multiple end points with a single Talon 4K Encoder and multiple Talon UHD Decoders via multicast UDP stream.


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