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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Penthera Introduces 2nd Look to Increase Ad Yield and Revenue

Penthera, provider of video streaming solutions for OTT providers, recently announced the release of its 2nd Look product, a cloud product to help AVOD publishers deliver ads more effectively and efficiently using existing infrastructure. Based on Penthera’s patented technology, 2nd Look enables publishers using SSAI to defer ad decisions to immediately before the ads will serve. By enabling more flexible ad decision timing, 2nd Look reduces common issues with SSAI including decision time-out failures, low bid density, low render rates and expired time-to-live windows that cause valuable ad inventory to be under-monetised. 2nd Look improves customer experience by eliminating start-up delays caused by all ad decisions being made before content starts.

Penthera’s expertise in the digital download space has been well-recognised by leading publishers, from Liberty Global to Paramount Global, as well as the likes of Virgin, OSN, Sky Go, Viki Rakuten, and many other major OTT services. Now, with the growth of programmatic ad sources, many service publishers experience frequent decision time-outs, bidding density issues and time-to-live expirations that cause significant revenue losses. According to eMarketer, OTT programmatic ad spending increased 82.4 percent in 2021. According to Global Industry Analysts Inc. (GIA), the global digital advertising and marketing market will reach $786.2 billion by 2026.

“We have already helped video publishers eliminate the classic last-mile issues of buffering and startup failure that force OTT viewers to move to other apps, and now 2nd Look is a way to eliminate common issues in the ad decision and insertion processes that are impacting revenue from their ad inventory,” said Scott Halpert, Senior Vice President of Product and Partnerships of Penthera. “There is a way for VOD publishers to realise greater ad revenue and this is why we have built 2nd Look.”

Designed as a cloud solution that easily works alongside existing ad-tech infrastructure, 2nd Look reaches all classes of streaming devices – including mobile devices, connected TV (CTV) devices, desktops, and game consoles – and is compatible with existing ad stitchers and publishing apps.

“The value of the ‘streaming wars’ of the past three years is that we are seeing a flood of legacy cable TV ad dollars shifting to streaming video, and the legions of AVOD providers are aware that every ad spot counts. Our 2ndLook product delivers for them in ways that no one else can,” said Brian Kline, President of Penthera. “The inevitability of the shift to streaming is that ad tiers will grow and, with that, advertisers and publishers alike will need the right technology for delivering those ads. We are in the right place at the right time.”


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