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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

PPDS Publisher App Brings Content Control to Philips Business TVs

PPDS, the provider of Philips Professional Displays and dedicated AV software solutions, has announced the launch of PPDS Publisher, a new app designed to enable content creation and scheduling on Philips B-Line 4K Business TVs.

The Philips B-Line Business TV Series – available in 43”-75” variants – provides a hybrid approach of entertainment and information, easily doubling as an alternative to digital signage.

The PPDS Publisher app now comes embedded into all new Philips B-Line Business TVs, and can be quickly added to existing ones via a simple software update, for free.

Requiring zero training, users can simply download PPDS Publisher – available free-of-charge via the App Store and Google Play store – onto their preferred smart device (including smartphones and tablets). The app can then be seamlessly and securely linked to their network of TVs.

The intuitive PPDS Publisher platform presents users with an extensive list of opportunities to start creating and building a portfolio of content that can be shared directly on Philips Business TVs.

For ease and inspiration, the platform comes with a growing choice of templates, which can be selected and tailored to suit. Content can be displayed on the entire screen, or presented alongside other forms, such as the screening of live sporting events.

PPDS Publisher also offers the ability to schedule content at specific times. Content can be fully managed as part of a playlist, with all content set to be presented for specific durations. It can be looped throughout the day, or as part of a slide show. Ad hoc content can easily be created and immediately displayed in real-time, all managed securely via a single device.

Jan van Hecke, Global Product Manager, Professional TV at PPDS, commented: “At PPDS, we are committed to supporting our customers, ensuring we meet the needs of their businesses, be that through hardware or dedicated software solutions. In fast-paced environments, it is important for businesses to use and seize every opportunity, and with PPDS Publisher, we are giving them the tools and freedom to act on their instincts and ambitions – in the fastest, most secure, and cost-efficient way.

“The PPDS Publisher app is yet another example of our business listening and delivering on the demands of our customers. At PPDS, we go beyond the display, and, with PPDS Publisher, we have built a solution that will help our customers to truly maximise the benefits and opportunities available through Philips B-Line Business TVs, letting them unleash their creative minds and ideas to better their business prospects. This is an A-star update for Philips B-Line.”


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