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Monday, July 22, 2024

Quantcast Launches Self-Serve Programmatic Ad Platform

Quantcast, a leader in applying artificial intelligence (AI) to programmatic advertising, has launched a self-serve platform designed to simplify advertising on the open internet for independent agencies and advertisers. This initiative empowers businesses of all sizes to tap into new audiences, offering tools and insights previously available only to the largest ad spenders.

Quantcast’s new product provides a solution to the evolving digital marketing landscape, where privacy concerns are phasing out traditional cookie-based advertising methods. The new platform enables a smooth shift to cookieless advertising, helping independent agencies and advertisers stay competitive and effective in their marketing efforts.

Key Features of the New Self-Serve Technology

  • AI-Driven Insights: Users gain access AI and machine learning capabilities, enabling high-performance advertising.
  • Simplified Campaign Management: The intuitive interface makes programmatic advertising accessible to all, allowing for easy campaign setup, management, and analysis.
  • Comprehensive Cookieless Solutions: The platform provides innovative and proven measurement and targeting solutions that do not rely on third-party cookies.

“Today’s legacy DSPs are too complex, too time-consuming, and too dependent on third-party cookies,” said Konrad Feldman, CEO of Quantcast. “Our goal is to empower businesses of all sizes to effectively reach their audiences, bringing the simplicity and efficiency of the walled gardens to the expansive and diverse open internet. There is a huge opportunity for marketers to improve their advertising performance and drive meaningful results.”

While many small and midsize businesses are adept at utilising social media ad platforms to reach potential customers, this launch provides the same straightforward access to the open web, where consumers spend the majority of their time.

“Thanks to Quantcast, we’ve been able to efficiently target our key audience segments, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates,” said Clare Rogers, Business Director at leading Australia-based independent marketing agency This is Flow. “Their innovative approach to advertising without third-party cookies has given us a competitive edge. We’re extremely satisfied with the performance and results, and so are our clients.”

The self-serve platform is available effective immediately, with Quantcast offering dedicated support to help new users maximise its benefits. Independent agencies and advertisers looking to thrive in the new era of digital advertising are encouraged to sign up and explore the capabilities of Quantcast’s latest innovation.


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