Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Release 4.4 for Lawo’s theWall Multiviewer Control Software

Lawo has announced the release 4.4 of Lawo’s theWall multiviewer control software. Beside regular improvements it comprises powerful new features providing an unparalleled multiviewer layout workflow experience.

Live Editing in Layout Builder: The operator can now switch to live editing mode by activating the live edit switch and, from that moment, any changes will be immediately applied to the selected monitor. When not in live editing mode, changes can be applied to the selected monitor anytime by pressing the ‘Publish’ button.

Layout Builder snap grid: A new snap grid option helps with object alignment during the layout creation process. Simply activate the snap grid by clicking on the checkbox on the bottom of the screen. The grid size can be freely selected by dragging the slider next to the checkbox.

  • Editable layout names: Layout names are now displayed beneath each layout and can be edited by double clicking on the name. After typing in the desired name, simply click anywhere else in the screen or hit tab on your keyboard to exit editing mode.
  • Enhanced files dialog: There are now folders for each wall in the files dialog. Simply click on a folder to open it or use the back button to return to the wall folder overview. The last restored file in each folder is highlighted in pink. Files can now be renamed or overwritten. Select a file (highlighted in blue), rename it and press the save button. Choose your desired option from the popup dialog. To preview the contents of a file, simply double click on it. A preview of the contents will appear.
  • Enhanced OMD and UMD: There is added support for 3x UMDs and 3x OMDs and several control options.
  • User editable Pip IDs: In layout builder, it is now possible to manually change the Pip IDs. Select the Windows scope on the top, click on Pip you want to edit, and you will find a dropdown menu called PIP ID that lets you overwrite the default IDs set by theWall.

theWALL is Lawo’s multiviewer control system, a solution for operators and EICs to configure monitor walls in OBs or studios. In the frantic live production environment with its demands for fast changing production and workflow setups, theWALL enables changing of monitor wall layouts fast and on-the-fly. With theWALL, users can configure any monitor wall, route signals, change mosaic layouts or save and load user presets – all done with an easy-to-use and cost-effective application, saving hours of downtime previously required for complex configuration changes.

theWALL with its reformatting algorithms talks directly to Lawo’s various multiviewer solutions and enables easy access through a touchscreen optimised GUI for mobile control. As an HTML5 application, theWALL can be operated from anywhere, utilising a broad range of devices and operating systems. Most functions are comfortably operable via drag-and-drop, and changes will be stored in a user-managed environment or, if required, can be hosted in the cloud. theWALL makes it possible to swap productions from one OB to another, using preferred multiviewer setups in any control room, introducing a new level of efficiency and usability.

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