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Monday, June 17, 2024

Ross Updates Signal Processing Solutions

Ross Video has announced updates to its portfolio of signal processing solutions with the release of Newt V4.0 and an update to the SRG-4500 reference generator.

Launched in 2017, Newt is Ross Video’s compact UHD-over-IP SDI / HDMI converter. Newt adapts to the industry’s rapidly changing IP environments, bridging Quad-SDI and HDMI 2.0 interfaces to JT-NM tested ST2110 media streams. Newt is fluent in NMOS, EmBER+, and DashBoard open standards protocols giving you the freedom to use it in the IP environment of your choice. New for 2021, version 4.0 builds upon the existing feature set by adding SSM, NMOS and diagnostics to help keep your network running trouble-free. With its small form factor, low power usage and low cost-per-stream, Newt is a ‘set and forget’ problem solver, and the addition of SSM and NMOS now makes it even more valuable and versatile.

“This is another classic case of Ross taking customer input and quickly translating it into feature improvements,” comments Alun Fryer, Manager, Product Marketing and Solutions at Ross. “These enhancements make it easier for Newt to fit into a wider variety of network environments.”

ST 2110 networks can now also benefit from the new support for Precision Time Protocol (PTP) on Ross’ SRG-4500 master sync generator. It is the ideal choice for supplying all the reference timing and test signals needed within today’s complex broadcast facility. The new PTP software upgrade option brings drop-down configuration support for ST2110 and AES67 profiles to build your IP or Hybrid SDI network. No new hardware is required – this PTP update is available as a software option and is field-installable with a simple license key and software upgrade.

“An important thing to note about IP facilities is that almost all still have some baseband equipment and are in need of traditional timing signals like black burst,” Alun Fryer notes. “This is where the SRG-4500 excels; it provides both IP and baseband signals and ensures that both these domains are locked and in phase, which is crucial in system design.”

Both the updated Newt 4.0 and the PTP upgrade for the SRG-4500 generator are available now.


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