Monday, May 20, 2024

SABIO Launches Advanced TV Solution

SABIO, the media and technology company behind App Science, recently announced the launch of App Science TV, the company’s Advanced TV solution powered by its proprietary AI technology. App Science TV takes a holistic approach to targeting to ensure a well-rounded, 360 degree view of consumer behaviour and viewership habits is being formulated.

‘Connected TV’ falls under the umbrella of Advanced TV and is essentially a television that connects to the Internet, able to access content beyond a normal cable provider. The number of Connected TV users is predicted to rise to 204.1 million by 2022.

“With the tremendous growth of Advanced TV, this offering was truly born out of demand,” said Joe Camacho, CMO of SABIO. “All indications signal continued growth in this emerging digital format. We look forward to working with brands to help them reach consumers based on a plethora of available digital signals, including their changing TV viewing habits.”

SABIO’s App Science platform currently evaluates behaviour across over 300MM mobile devices. Understanding the correlations among behaviour allows SABIO to build one-of-a-kind consumer segments for brands. That same mobile app intelligence applies to Advanced TV, as SABIO is able to match the devices IDs within their proprietary platform to the connected TV’s IP address in a privacy compliant way. Prior to the launch of App Science TV, SABIO partnered with Nielsen DAR to test its demographic targeting accuracy, using DAR benchmarks as a guide. SABIO out-performed DAR benchmarks for every demographic target.

In addition to targeting TV viewers, SABIO is able to amplify its customer campaigns by retargeting users on their mobile devices after they have been served an App Science TV ad.

Camacho continued, “App Science TV represents an unprecedented opportunity for brands to serve highly-targeted custom ad units on both TV and mobile formats for the best outcome as well as maximum ROI.”


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