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Monday, July 15, 2024

SDVoE Alliance, Semtech and Audinate Collaborate for Dante Reference Design

The SDVoE Alliance, a nonprofit consortium of technology providers collaborating to standardise the adoption of ethernet to transport AV signals in professional AV environments, announces a collaboration with Semtech and Audinate for a turnkey reference design that simplifies AV-over-IP by combining the power of SDVoE video and Dante audio, discovery, clocking, and software control.

The SDVoE Alliance, Semtech and Audinate’s collaboration enable Dante-functionality to accelerate and streamline integration with SDVoE technology. Semtech’s BlueRiver AV-over-IP chipset is paired with Dante Embedded Platform to create a turnkey audio and software control solution for SDVoE based products. The reference design is interoperable with over 3,000 Dante-enabled audio products from more than 500 manufacturers. SDVoE technology expands the Dante ecosystem by enabling a category of AV-over-IP products traditionally supported by matrix switches. By combining SDVoE with Dante, manufacturers can create solutions which are optimised for both audio and video, utilising a single control interface in Dante Controller.

“Semtech’s BlueRiver platform is designed to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to address the ever-changing technology requirements of the professional AV market,” said Don Shaver, Vice President of Video Products for Semtech. “The collaboration between Semtech, the SDVoE Alliance and Audinate is designed to simplify AV-over-IP technology without compromising quality or performance.”

“The SDVoE Alliance is a forward-looking alliance that is focused on future-proof technology. We believe in supporting new features and capabilities without new hardware,” said Justin Kennington, President of the SDVoE Alliance. “The reference design is eliminating traditional constraints by combining the power of SDVoE video, Dante audio, and Dante Controller to create a unified solution for software control.”

“From the beginning, Audinate has focused on simplifying the customer experience for networked audio and video. This partnership with Semtech and the SDVoE Alliance extends this vision into the 10G space by providing a unified control experience for customers of SDVoE products,” said Josh Rush, Audinate CMO.

Semtech’s BlueRiver chipset is the world’s only chipset to transport uncompressed, zero-latency Ultra HD/4K HDR over standard Ethernet and is the foundation for SDVoE technology. SDVoE technology offers imperceptible latency (less than 0.1ms) and pixel packing technology that enables visually lossless 4K40 4:4:4 transmission over standard 10Gb ethernet networks.


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