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Friday, June 14, 2024

SSIMWAVE Launches Video Quality Dial to Control Viewer Experience

SSIMWAVE recently announced the launch of a new product that enables video providers to achieve multi-million dollar savings in delivery costs per year while delivering ‘just right’ levels of video quality across entire VOD asset libraries.

The SSIMPLUS Video Quality Dial is a software application that allows video providers total control over the Viewer Experience of any type of VOD video content, enabling optimisation of the bitrates of every encode and every title based on the most advanced video quality metric, SSIMPLUS. Compatible with all cloud-based encoding systems, the new product can enable bitrate reductions of up to 50 percent while allowing providers to deliver the Viewer Experience of choice to satisfy their viewers.

“Current content aware approaches do optimisation using the bitrate as a guideline, while keeping quality the same, even if that quality level is subpar or bad,” said Dr. Abdul Rehman, CEO and co-founder of SSIMWAVE. “Our patented approach drives video encoding to deliver desiredviewer experience at half the cost using your existing encoding infrastructure. Thus you deliver the Just-right Quality: no more and no less.”

By using the SSIMPLUS Video Quality Dial, leading content providers in the North American, Latin American and Asia-Pacific markets found out they can reduce bitrates by 40-50%, which would equate to delivery cost reductions of millions of dollars per year for services with upwards of 5 million subscribers. SSIMWAVE estimates that annual savings could reach $10 million or more per year for services with even just 5 million subscribers.

Using the Video Quality Dial, providers pre-determine a desired Viewer Experience level, based on the 0-100 linear SSIMPLUS scale. The Video Quality Dial acts as a smart layer around the provider’s existing cloud encoder, automatically choosing the lowest possible bitrate required to deliver the desired Viewer Score. By choosing the most optimised encode for the selected quality level, the SSIMWAVE product also addresses access network issues, driving reductions in re-buffering, start-up times, stalling and profile switching.


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