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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Stats Perform Deploys DataMiner Service and Resource Management

Skyline Communications is pleased to announce that its AI-powered DataMiner NMS/OSS system was selected by Stats Perform, a Chicago-based sports data and analytics company, to fully automate their end-to-end distribution of sports content across the globe for content analytics.

Stats Perform is the world’s leading provider of Sports Intelligence (data, insights, analytics, and artificial intelligence), whose clients include media outlets, sports leagues, sports teams, fantasy sports and betting services. Challenged with the demand to schedule tens of thousands of live sporting events a year, they found that moving away from manual scheduling and deployment was simply a necessity. The importance of this scheduling can hardly be overestimated, as it is required to drive coverage, automate resources, automatically route live events to the right products or offices, and manage availability and capacity.

“We’re very pleased that Stats Perform turned to us and selected DataMiner’s standard SRM solution to deliver on their orchestration requirements,” said Andy Fairhall, Sales Manager at Skyline Communications. “DataMiner enables sophisticated end-to-end integration and orchestration of the most complex technical ecosystems, across any vendor and technology boundaries, and provides Stats Perform with the insurance that it not only meets their needs today, but also into the future.”

Ed Silvester, VP of Video Architecture at Stats Perform said: “We were looking for a company that used the same agile methodology as Stats Perform. So many traditional broadcast projects are ‘waterfall’ in their approach and that is simply not how our company works. Skyline was the perfect match for us, as it has the agile principles woven into its DNA.”

Skyline’s DataMiner NMS/OSS platform features capabilities that are essential to the media and broadband industry, such as service management, reliable booking and sharing of resources, profile creation and activation, a flexible automation engine, accurate scheduling and advanced AI capabilities. All of this adds proactive and predictive technology into any operational environment, across any technology from any vendor.

“Skyline’s experience in monitoring and automation is boosted by their new resource scheduling SRM solution,” Ed Silvester said. “This greatly simplified the integration of our services so that one application was able to schedule, automate and monitor our resources. We worked together very efficiently on the launch of the new platform and were delighted to deliver on time and on budget, and to exceed our MVP goals. We look forward to a long relationship with Skyline and to continuing to drive the automation and reporting of the Stats Perform platform to new heights.”


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