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Monday, July 22, 2024

TAG Adds Language Detection for QA of Captions & Subtitles

TAG Video Systems has developed a new Language Detection feature which it says will transform how operators ensure quality and compliance across large scale operations with multiple closed captions and language subtitles.

Unveiled at the recent NAB 2024, the core of the technology lies in its ability to automatically pinpoint the language of subtitles within video content. Powered by advanced algorithms, TAG performs a meticulous quality analysis informed by language-specific dictionaries, which in turn provides the data within the multiviewer output in the form of two parameters: identified language, and quality percentage against the identified language’s dictionary. The data can also be aggregated and visualised with data visualisation tools to identify trends or centralise large scale operations. This significantly streamlines the caption monitoring process, offering these key benefits:

  • Frees Up Operator Time: By eliminating manual monitoring of closed captions and subtitles, operators gain valuable time to focus on more strategic and nuanced tasks.
  • Proactive Problem Solving: Real-time monitoring paired with helpful, informative alerts enables operators to quickly address any potential caption quality problems.
  • Pinpoint Accuracy: Reliable language identification and quality measurement against a dictionary helps avoid human error and assure accuracy and compliance.
  • Quality That Meets the Mark: Language-specific analysis ensures captions uphold quality standards and regulations, ultimately enhancing the viewing experience.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Data visualisation tools provide insightful overviews of caption/subtitles quality trends, empowering media operations to make strategic improvements.

“TAG’s Language Detection is a glimpse of the future of quality assurance,” says Michael Demb, VP Product Strategy at TAG Video Systems. “Operators no longer need to watch and listen to every channel to deliver quality captions and subtitles. By automating crucial processes, we’re enabling them to focus on higher-level analysis and decision-making, ultimately ensuring a better experience for all viewers.”


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