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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

TAG Introduces Redis Integration

TAG Video Systems has announced that its multi-level Realtime Media Performance (RMP) Platform now integrates with Redis. The integration provides media companies and broadcasters with an organised approach and easy access to data that has been captured over time, putting valuable information into the hands of users for real-time in-depth analysis or archived for retrospective evaluation.

“The Redis interface allows TAG users to have a complete view of their data and that is an invaluable tool,” explains Paul Briscoe, TAG’s chief architect. “Data is delivered in real time giving media companies the information they need to keep pace with changes as they happen and the insight to make decisions that will impact their business operations. This is where the industry is inevitably headed – the deep use of rich data.”

Redis serves as a pipeline that connects the levels of TAG’s platform, a 100 percent IP/100 percent software open-source solution that monitors, aggregates, manages and utilises data-driven viewer analytics. The foundation of the RMP is TAG’s Multi-Channel Monitoring (MCM) system, that monitors every type of signal from live production through OTT delivery, providing deep monitoring for critical analysis into signal health.

The next level, the Media Control System (MCS) serves as a management, control and data aggregation engine. Redis serves as the connecting pipeline between the two levels, delivering the raw data collected by the MCM to the MCS into an IP centric environment where it can be exposed to third party analytic and visualisation applications such as Elasticsearch, Kibana, Grafana and Prometheus for analysis and data visualisation. Media companies can use this deep insight into quality metrics to design a precise and pristine viewer experience leading to an increase in consumption, elevated customer engagement, and heightened loyalty.

TAG’s flagship MCM integrates with Redis flawlessly with or without using TAG’s control solution, MCS. Any TAG user can now collect their data with one of the most advanced, open, and user-friendly database tools in the general IT market today. This enhancement will enable open IT workflows, unlimited by legacy broadcast equipment constraints. TAG users are now able to use their raw data to achieve the highest levels of workflow customisation based on the MCM’s probing and monitoring capabilities. As always, the integration is free of additional charges for TAG users.

“Integrating Redis into our platform furnishes users with the tools they need to simplify technical, operational and business processes,” explains Briscoe. “The MCM monitors for over 400 types of errors and that information is enough for users to make informed decisions. Getting that data to the MCS however, into an IP environment, is where the user can really delve into deep analysis via open-source third party applications. Getting all the data into their hands, without the hassle of searching through logs dramatically reduces complexity and increases options. Users can examine it immediately or use it for later investigation and evaluation. It’s not just about enhancing real-time monitoring, it’s about getting and using your data for post analysis, helping customers be prepared for changes in the technology coming down the pike.”

Added Briscoe, “This enhancement is another example of our Zer0 Friction strategy. We take the pain out of aggregating all this valuable data and making it accessible to our customers. We get it and give it to them and it’s theirs for whatever purpose they need it for. Whether it’s merely knowledge of possible errors, or the much bigger picture of using it to develop business strategies based on real data.”


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