Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Test Live Apps on Smart TVs and STB Devices with Suitest

Suitest is announcing a new non-intrusive testing method that makes it possible to test live Smart TV apps and set-top box devices. The tool enables functional testing of multiple UI elements, network traffic and console outputs of a running app, without the need for additional hardware. Testing does not require instrumentation of the app or have any impact on the app itself.

Testing live in this way means that anyone can use the tool to inspect app store apps, something that has not even been possible with mobile apps. For content providers and advertisers, this provides an easy and cost-efficient way to continue checking apps once they are live. In addition, the new method also allows inspection of 3rd party cookies, making it easy to test privacy and verify GDPR compliance of any live app.

Mirko Nedeljković, CEO, Suitest, commented: “Up until now it has only been possible to test what is on the screen for live apps. By launching this tool, we are making it possible for anyone to perform a much more comprehensive test of how that app is running.”

Suitest is a one of a kind, feature rich, cloud-based, object-based test automation solution for OTT apps that uses either instrumentation testing or a non-intrusive method of testing depending on need. It can be used for end-to-end testing, for operating TVs in a remote office, for automating some device maintenance tasks or for hunting down a nasty device-specific bug. Suitest users have the flexibility to run tests on apps in the way that works best for them whether on own devices or on Suitest public or private managed device clouds. Users can easily test every aspect of an app by running tests and adding various assertions using the rich visual tools, the Javascript API or Appium.

Mirko Nedeljković, CEO, Suitest, added: “As consumer demand for high quality video and audio apps on every screen continues to grow, testing is becoming increasingly important, not just before launch, but at every stage. This will be important for every consumer device, whether it’s a Smart TV, mobile device, desktop browser, games console, or in-car entertainment system. We look forward to continuing to build testing solutions that will help our customers ensure quality, no matter the device.”


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