Thursday, April 18, 2024

V-Nova Announce SOUTHWORKS as V-Nova LCEVC Integration Services Partner

V-Nova, a provider of video compression solutions recently announced that SOUTHWORKS, a global software development company, is now a certified integration partner for V-Nova LCEVC.

V-Nova engaged SOUTHWORKS to extend its growing list of reference integrations by integrating V-Nova LCEVC decoding in market-leading web players. The integrations produced by SOUTHWORKS, and delivered in just three weeks,  reaffirm how the V-Nova LCEVC decoder can integrate quickly with every web player on the market that is built on top of the Media Source Extensions (MSE) standard. V-Nova already provides a range of reference integrations including FFmpeg, ExoPlayer for Android, AVPlayer for iOS, Microsoft UWP for Windows and web players like HLS.js, Shaka Player and video.js.

SOUTHWORKS, with its network of software engineers worldwide, is now able to support services with the integration of V-Nova LCEVC into their applications on a wide range of device platforms. MPEG-5 LCEVC’s ability to simultaneously enhance the video quality and reduce the compute costs of any codec is gaining traction in a range of industry verticals including media and entertainment, broadcast, social networks, aerospace, defence, automotive and gaming.

Sam Orton-Jay, VP Product Marketing, V-Nova said, “SOUTHWORKS is a first-class development company to whom people turn to for their most complex, high-profile projects. We are delighted to partner with them to accelerate a rapidly growing list of V-Nova LCEVC deployments. SOUTHWORKS is a valuable partner in our integrator network as we look to bring the power of V-Nova LCEVC to industries globally.”

Johnny Halife, CTO, SOUTHWORKS said, “This new solution is not only one of the first of its kind but has given V-Nova the means to quickly spin up new demos and adapt to technology changes since our integration does not depend on any particular Web player but the standards the Web is built on.”

Halife added, “The endorsement from V-Nova as an LCEVC Integration Partner is important for SOUTHWORKS as it evidences our expertise in a dynamic sector. The ability to distribute video content online more efficiently and quickly by compressing content without losing quality and irrespective of the player that is used will provide a great amplification opportunity.”

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