Thursday, May 23, 2024

Verimatrix Re-engineers its VCAS for DVB Broadcast Security Solution

Verimatrix, formerly known as Inside Secure, recently announced its newly re-engineered broadcast security solution, VCAS 5 for DVB, aimed at one-way network operators looking for an advanced security solution that simplifies the migration to hybrid and two-way services.

VCAS 5 for DVB is the first product release within the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS) family as part of the company’s new Gen5 cloud-ready platform. VCAS 5 for DVB was tailor-made to satisfy customer demand for speed, adaptability, scalability and cost-savings. By offering a fully connected, or always-on experience with VCAS 5 for DVB, operators can also provide subscribers with a positive user experience by preventing unforeseen black screen scenarios with their set top boxes.

“Now that cardless security has become the standard for broadcast networks, we have invested in this completely new security solution that sets a higher standard for scaling capabilities – even for the largest networks,” said Martin Bergenwall, Sr. VP of Product Management, Verimatrix. “VCAS 5 for DVB goes further by addressing limitations in broadcast solutions deployed today with a fully connected experience that eliminates operators’ concerns about bandwidth utilisation. Plus, operators gain peace of mind that we’re able to fluctuate their network capabilities with ease based on our deep expertise and proven processes of migrating one-way network operators to hybrid platforms.”

Beyond offering the highest levels of broadcast security available on the market today, Verimatrix incorporated the following capabilities into the next-generation product:

  • No black screens – Instant set-top box key and entitlement provisioning plus recovery ensures that subscribers have a connected always-on experience. This is especially important with new set-top set up or after a period of inactivity from the set-top
  • Optimised bandwidth utilisation – Highly efficient key distribution speeds boot-up times, and has been integrated into a single head-end for multiple network types, reducing operational overhead.
  • Comprehensive chipset integration – Full integration with the industry’s most comprehensive list of leading system-on-chip (SoC) vendors minimises the attack surface, offers flexible chipset selection, reduces integration costs, and enables two-way network functionality.

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