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Monday, June 17, 2024

Village Island Makes the Move to XS

IntoPIX and Village Island are proud to announce their agreement to integrate the JPEG-XS technology into the VICO products.

The VICO converters deployed in Japan and world-wide for UHD visually lossless compression over SDI, fibre and IP were already powered by intoPIX’ technology, but will include from now the TICO-XS technology option. This upgrade ensures customers access to a higher compression ratio and an even better video quality while keeping the ‘zero’ latency.

This upgrade allows more throughput on current SDI-based installation still widely used in Japan and elsewhere, but more importantly the VICO convertors will also provide its customers an ideal avenue to realise their ambition to switch to full IP transport using the ST2110 standard in combination with the JPEG-XS compression.

The new VICO options will power higher compression and ultra-low delay with JPEG-XS while preserving the visually loss-less quality, enabling even multiple UHD 50/60p video streams to be transported over single 3GSDI, SFP+, ST-2110 and ST-2022-6 networks. Based on the fully standardised High Profile of JPEG-XS, it will further decrease latency down to 20 video lines, and further increase the compression ratio compared to the TICORDD35 version.

With this integration, Village Island will create new momentum in the ongoing conversion from SDI to IP-based transport in the contribution market. The combination of ST2110 and JPEG-XS standards will set the bar for new high speed and high quality – remote – Broadcast workflows. At intoPIX, we are convinced that the adoption of the JPEG-XS technology is a key feature in successfully completing the SDI to IP transition.

“intoPIX is very happy and proud that after a successful collaboration with Village Island to introduce the TICO RDD35 on the Japanese and world-wide market, Village Island is once again at the forefront integrating the new JPEG-XS standard and especially our TICO-XS technology into their VICO product” explained Van Mele, Director Business Development at intoPIX.

“Our VICO converters, either used to build cost effective UHD workflow, or used as single compact box to complement existing dense solution from various large solution vendors, or simply used for monitoring, were under pressure to move to XS. Amazingly, the XS doesn’t take more FPGA resource than the TICO RDD35, so we can move forward consolidating on our achievements with VICO so far. As a strong believer in the XS, we happily decided to make the move” said Michael Van Dorpe, Village-Island CEO.

The two companies welcome you to contact their respective sales teams to sample the XS technology and the VICO series.

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