Wednesday, February 21, 2024

VuWall Application Server – Share/Control Websites and Apps on Video Walls

VuWall is launching the Application Server, an appliance for streaming, sharing, controlling and visualising websites and applications across AV/IT networks. The Application Server is a scalable and versatile solution that simplifies video wall deployments by providing quick access to websites, dashboards and applications from a single, centralised source.

“In today’s control rooms and corporate workspaces, visualising content from websites and applications is a must. The challenge is that customers want to visualise many sources at once,” said Mark Schmidt, CTO of VuWall. “Traditional video wall control systems are deeply burdened by this demand with respect to performance and security. We are very excited to introduce the Application Server as the latest addition to our product family to address this critical need efficiently and cost-effectively.”

VuWall’s Application Server improves both operational and overall video wall system performance. Centralising web browser and application deployments in a single appliance eliminates loading times and alleviates processing power from the video wall itself. The Application Server also increases security by isolating browsers and applications into one secure virtual machine architecture, preventing unwanted access and intrusions. It features multi-platform compatibility, making it possible to open applications and web browsers on any underlying operating system, whether Windows or Linux. Best of all, it provides a way to access and interact with an unlimited number of websites and applications from anywhere on the network, easily, reliably and securely. The Application Server delivers a scalable design that can grow to accommodate the number of sources needed without affecting other devices on the network. It also facilitates seamless maintenance of certificates, licenses and plugins for IT professionals.

As part of VuWall’s ecosystem, the Application Server is compatible with the company’s award-winning TRx software platform. Easy to set up and configure, it is perfectly designed to work with VuWall’s PAK video wall nodes and VuScape video wall controllers for multi-room visualisation, situational awareness, control rooms operations and corporate applications.


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