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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Watching That Launches New AI Powered Monitoring Module

Watching That, the independent monitoring and optimisation platform for the streaming video industry, today announces the addition of a new Monitoring Module with machine learning-powered alerts to its platform that allows ad operations teams to simplify tracking of ad inventory performance and speed up response time to any issues, ensuring continuous peak ad performance, even outside of work hours.

At any one time, Watching That customers’ revenue operations teams are managing on average over 1500 inventory placements with 12 programmatic partners across 1530 series delivered on 96 sites.  The Monitoring Module empowers users to track KPIs to ensure maximum campaign performance delivery. Without it, ad operations teams are struggling to keep across all the complexity and touch-points of what is a highly fragmented workflow. They are left to pick apart standard reporting, analysis and troubleshooting data to get the information they need, which is a time-consuming process that is very difficult to do at scale, and rarely in real-time.

Users have the freedom to either deploy Watching That’s Smart Monitors, using anomaly detection algorithms, or manually set their own thresholds, based on their specific requirements, to trigger the alerts. The module enables rev ops teams to set up Monitors based on which specific metrics are a priority for their campaign needs and generate automatic alerts via email or Slack. The user-defined Monitors are automated using machine learning (ML) algorithms to augment stretched teams and provide peace of mind in the always-on environment of streaming today. It delivers broader awareness and protects revenue by reducing delays in solving any performance issues. It does this by lessening the need for time-consuming daily manual checks across a range of platforms and spreadsheets, ensuring that ad ops teams will be alerted whether they are at their desks or not.

“The lack of effective ad monitoring is one of the most critical issues that video streaming ad ops are facing right now. Streaming is a 24/7 business and most peak viewing happens outside of the usual working hours, so an alert system is essential,” said Cameron Church, CEO and Founder at Watching That. “There is simply too much information spread across too many sources for ad ops teams to keep an eye on. Often, waiting for a report means potentially losing revenue if issues are not fixed when they happen, but now, they have our Monitoring  Module which acts as an insurance policy. It means our customers are protected from needless losses by getting the right information at the right time to make a real, meaningful difference to ad performance.”


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