Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Williams AV Announces Convey Video – Real-Time Audio Translation

Williams AV has launched Convey Video, the world’s first real-time language translation, open captioning, and archiving system for the pro-AV industry. Powered by Google’s artificial intelligence platform, Convey Video eliminates the barriers of language with real-time translation and can transcribe up to 27 languages and more than 70 dialects with up to 94 percent accuracy. In addition to real-time continuous translation, Convey Video provides accurate speech-to-text transcription and archiving of all events.

Convey Video is a solution for assistive listening needs and can enhance learning experiences in a variety of settings that use video presentations, online training, webinars and video calls such as tertiary education, translation and recording in judicial, medical, and law enforcement, or improving global business communications. The benefits of captioning make Convey Video a great fit for people who are visual learners, learning a new language or are hearing impaired.

Convey Video can be easily integrated into an array of video environments with an easy language selection and set up using a keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen. Convey Video accepts a microphone or mixer input and uses the power of AI to instantly and continuously translate spoken word into on-screen captions. It has selectable video input options including HDMI, USB and text over black for broadcast.

Personalisation can be easily set by an integrator or the end-user for language, text size, selectable one to three lines of text, colour, background, and text location. Convey Video offers an alternative when live interpreters are not available or within the scope of budget and provides flexible monthly payment options to fit different application needs.

The use of Convey Video requires activation of a subscription for AI based language translation services. Integrators will select the tier based on expected usage which will be securely billed monthly to a credit card of choice.

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